What is SMDTC?

The Springfield, MO Dog Training Club, established in 1970 as an all-volunteer organization, is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing dogs trained and conditioned to behave at home and in public. The classes we offer encourage willingness and enjoyment from the dog while establishing necessary control. As an AKC licensed club, SMDTC offers classes in obedience, rally, agility and tracking as well as competitive events in these sports for those handlers interested in continuing to work with their dogs. As a member of the Springfield community, SMDTC actively supports dog activities and dog related charities.

Where To Find Us?
The Springfield, MO Dog Training Club is located at 454 N. Farm Road 223, Springfield, MO  65802.  For Directions to the facility, please click here.


Why Train at SMDTC?

We have over 45 years of training people to train their dog, making us the oldest training club in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Our all-volunteer instructors (25+) go through a rigorous training process including assisting in classes, reading books on dog training, attending seminars and achieving certain levels of accomplishments with their dogs.  Our instructors and assistants are dedicated to helping you train a dog that will become a forever member of your family.

We have a facility that is on one floor, is fully matted and climate controlled.  We have plenty of parking as well as fenced areas to exercise your dogs.

We have state-of-the-art equipment for those sports that require it.

Join our classes and share our love of dogs and training them.

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  1. Schnoozer

    I just rejoined the club recently after a few years retirement, Skeeder my agility buddy has passed on and i will always miss him and his faithful loyalty to me in his expert runs through the agility courses, which he could have done mostly without me. My lovely wife Lynnette has retired after 52 years of Physical Therapy work in the area and has gotten interested in dog training. Lynn is a newbie but will bring an interest and desire to learn the basics and work her way up as she can. I will support Lynnette with her Schnauzer puppy Teddy Bear, as well as my new Schnauzer pup Black Max. We will try to do our part to be a part of this fine club to the best of our ability. Hello to all my old friends and i hope you’re all doing really well. See ya at the meetings. Frank Weaver, Lynnette Weaver

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