Meet Our Instructors

General Requirements for All Instructors

In addition to attending seminars and reading books and articles on dog training, SMDTC class instructors are required to train a dog to basic titles in obedience (to teach Puppy, Home Manners, Public Manners, and any of the obedience competition classes) or agility (to teach any of the agility classes). They must assist the level they wish to teach at least twice within a year of applying to apprentice. They then must successfully apprentice the class, which requires that they take the role of “lead instructor” under the guidance of an approved instructor. Finally, they must be approved by the Training Committee.

Our Instructors

Christie Kucsik
Jane Collins
Wendy Ethie
Becky Frakes
Cathy Hawkins
Jennifer Kimberlin
Sarah Schroeder
Lorri Sheets
Pam Tynes
Ladina Vanzandt
Margery West
Terry Marinier
Joan Vandenberg
Darlene Hughson
Irene Bessette
Liz Medley
Pam Shoupe